WAR in the WEST 1940-1944

Dali mod

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Hello fans of great strategical wargame War in the Pacific Admirals Edition. Let me introduce following non-commercial mod based on the game. For its playing the original game (including all patches) is neccessary.

Úvodní splash screen

Presently there are 2 scenarios under development:
SCN 26 8.4.1940 , 30 turns „Danemark and Norway 1940“
SCN 27 8.4.1940 , 420 turns „The West 1940-1941“ (campaign, which covers the situation since the attack on Denmark and Norway till the teoretical possibility of invading Great Britain including joining the war by Italy).


States and opponents:

Axis side:

Germany , in the mod of IJ Army
Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania in the mod of IJ Navy

Allied side:

Great Britain in the mod Britis
France in the mod French
Denmark and Norway in the mod New Zealand
Belgie in the mod Commonwealth
Netherland in the mod Dutch
Canada in the mod Canada
USA in the mod US Army
US Navy in the mod US Navy
Australia in the mod Australian


SCN 26 8.4.1940 , 30 turns
SCN 27 8.4.1940 , 420 turns
Whole mod is moved 1 year back in comparison with visible date. It is indicated by the marrk „-1“ next to the current date. All game parameters calculate with the real date instead of the visible one. For example date of 5/41 seen on the screen means the date of 5/40 in the mod.

History background:

This mod expects playing within the boundaries of historical events and is designed for players who wants to try the historical situation of the year 1940 in the engine of this excellent game.
Ships, airplanes and the LCU equipment and TOE are designed with the maximum possible accuracy, based on the sources availible. My apologies for possible mistakes. They weren´t made on purpose and further improvements and corrections are expected.
The only exception is the the nonhistorical deployment of Royal Navy in 7.-9./4/1940, which means the ships are disbanded in ports instead in historical task forces. The reason is to keep the game „playable“ for Axis side as everyone who is familiar with the history of the invasion (which came as a surprise) would easily crush the German Navy thanks to that common knowledge and thus affect the possible outcome greatly.


The map is in the same measure as originál AE – 40miles/hex, so the map is affected by that. The map will be hopefully upgraded „on the flow“ when neccessary.
The map is made in version „HEX on“

Weapons and equipment:

Generally it is safe to say the game engine offers many slots in wide area of interests which can be succesfully exploited.
Planes are generally based on the existing types availible in original game. During the modelling of German and Italian planes the stress was put to maximum possible historical accuracy.
The Great Britain and US planes are used from the original game virtually without any changes (or with minor changes in case of different versions which were not used in Pacific) French planes are slowly being introduced in production since 6-10/40 and i tis on Axis player to „stop“ the production as soon as possible. The production ends in Jan-Feb of 1941, when the continental France is supposed to be conquered already.
Axis planes are made from the scratch, all availible parameters, similar constructions on the Allied side and outcomes of real historical air battles were considered during the development. All types were exhaustingly tested under many factors to get the nearest possible „historical“ outcome..
Amored vehicles and other LCU equipment comes closely from original AE. Further development in this area is probable.


Allies: industry and AC production is presented in the same fashion as in original AE. No equipment or AC is produced onmap. The amounts and „production starts“ dates are fixed and based on the real historical situation.
Axis: the same as Allies.